Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances

Zoning Ordinances are designed to promote, protect, and facilitate the public health and safety, conserve natural resources, and encourage the orderly growth and development of the community. Zoning of the community insures the best usage of available areas and avoids the juxtaposition of incompatible elements. They minimize the problems of land use conflicts and encourage clustering of similar development within various sectors of the community according to highest and best use considerations of: topography, soil type, and current usage. Zoning provides information for judicious planning for infrastructure extension and/or improvement, the delivery of municipal services, and preservation of the natural beauty and character of the community.

Required changes in local municipal Subdivision and Land Development ordinances are included in the new rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Act 247 as amended by Act 170 of 1988. In order to plan for and guide the development of the community, Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances provide the basis for conformance to municipal codes and regulations and sound community planning practices. Municipal officials are provided with information to use in the decision making process involving land usage and to insure compliance with all regulations and applicable rules including those of PA DER under the Sewage Facilities Act 537.

Municipalities throughout the Commonwealth are re-evaluating their existing zoning ordinances in light of recent changes in federal laws, state laws, land use regulation strategies, development patterns, and local conditions. As a result we seized both an opportunity and a need to provide municipalities with ordinances that are simpler to use, in common language rather than legalize, and stronger, while being more detailed. We believe our new approach to ordinances has produced one of the finest formats in the Commonwealth and addresses many new issues relevant to your municipality.


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