About Us


Over the past 27 years our firm has compiled quite a resume. Rather than make this website burdensome by reviewing everything we have done, we offer a brief introduction to our qualifications, experience and thoughts with an emphasis on our current efforts.  We consider ourselves one of the leaders of rural community planning in western and central Pennsylvania.


RCS&A offers an optimal balance of experience, skill, and dedication. We are a comprehensive community planning, an economic development, land planning, and historic preservation planning consulting firm. We make our living on good planning as opposed to planning activities as secondary support to large engineering contracts. Over the last 27 years we have successfully completed over sixty (60) Comprehensive Plans at the regional, county, and municipal levels with an additional ten (10) comprehensive plans under preparation.


Fred Drovdlic (left) and Richard Sutter, Altoona Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards BanquetOur principal, Mr. Sutter,  and Fred Drovdlic are AICP certified, seen in the picture to the right accepting the Altoona Area Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Achievement in Small Business Award in 1999. Mr. Sutter has managed the firm since its inception in 1974, prior to that time serving as Planning Director for Blair County, Altoona SMA.. 


We take great pride in our creation of working relationships with area and local public officials, planning officials, planning commissions and their staffs, citizenís groups, and other applicable agencies and boards. These relationships provide input from all sectors of the community which impact upon the local planning and community development process.



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