List of Community Services

Historic Preservation and Conservation Planning | Economic Development | Land and Site Planning | Implementation Strategies and Ordinances | Community Development  


Comprehensive Community Planning

Background Studies:  

  Historic and Cultural Resources  

  Natural Resources  


  Land Use  





  Community Facilities and Public Utilities

  Municipal Finance

Community Plans:  

 Visioning and Public Participation

 Development Goals and Objectives

 Historic Preservation Plans

 Natural Resources Plans

 Land Use Plans

 Housing Plans

 Economic Development Plans

 Transportation Plans

 Community Facilities Plans

 Public Utilities Plans

Digital Mapping

GIS Mapping

Solid Waste Planning

Needs Assessment Analysis  


Historic Preservation and Conservation Planning

Certificate of Appropriateness Reviews

Cultural Landscape Studies

Cultural Tourism Strategies and Plans

Heritage Park Plans

Historic District Design Guidelines

Historic District Zoning Ordinances

Land Conservation Strategies

National Register Nominations (Individual)

National Register Nominations (Districts)

Historic Resources Surveys

Rural Preservation Strategies

Sign Guidelines and Ordinances  


Economic Development

Cost Benefit Analysis

Downtown Revitalization

Economic Development Plans

Economic Development Program Design

Economic Impact Studies

Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies

Retail Trade Studies

Site Selection Targeted Marketing Campaigns


Land and Site Planning

Business Park Plans

Industrial Park Plans

Land Development Plans


Implementation Strategies and Ordinances

Downtown Revitalization Plans

Graphic Displays

Park and Recreation Area Plans

Planting Plans

Renewal Plans

Residential Subdivision Plans

Resort Plans

Signage Studies and Plans

Site Assessment

Streetscape Plans

Trails Plans, Strategies and Ordinances

Capital Improvement Programs and Budgets Implementation Schedules

Subdivision/Land Development Ordinances

Zoning Ordinances


Community Development

CDBG Grant Administration

Environmental Review Records

Fair Housing Assessments

State and Federal Grant Applications

Income Surveys

Organizational Development  

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