Mapping and Graphics Examples


Our firm has the capability to produce two types of graphics and two types of mapping depending on the needs of your community. 


Sketch Drawing/Renderings and Computer Graphics

For example, our sketch drawings and renderings are perfect for downtown revitalization plans.  We can provide a hand drawn rendering of improvement scenarios for your community such as recreational design and facade improvements.


Our computer generated graphics can range from chart and graphs in reports to desktop publishing.  Our graphics can be produced in any common graphics style (i.e, .gif, .jpeg, .psd) using programs such as Igrafx Designer, Photoshop, Autocad, Corel and Microsoft Office Suite programs, Paint Shop Pro, MS Publisher, etc.



GIS vs. Digital Graphics Explanation

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is a mapping program designed to be able to attach information to mapped images. GIS mapping is much more time consuming resulting in increased costs. The advantage, as compared to a digital graphic, is that you can query (attach data bases) to GIS maps for analysis. Digital graphics present very well (refer to our example) but are just pictures. Graphics are for presentation, while GIS maps are genuine planning tools. Graphics can be easily manipulated in an array of inexpensive computer programs so the municipalities can easily keep the maps up to date. The GIS maps require a specific GIS program (like ESRIíS ArcView) in order to update the maps. The skills necessary to run the GIS programs are much more significant than manipulating a graphic. In the long run a GIS system is a great tool. Many State, Federal and private agencies work with GIS in similar formats. However, the expense, training and personnel required to run a GIS system may be beyond the scope of the Region considering its relatively rural nature, small population and financial constraints.


GIS Examples:


Click on the title of the graphic or map you would like to view. The image will appear in a new window.



Some of the files are in Adobe Acrobat Reader file format.  Get the free program.


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